Timemore Milk Jug Thermometer

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Master Milk Frothing and Perfect Pours: Timemore Milk Jug Thermometer

The Timemore Milk Jug Thermometer isn't just a thermometer; it's your key to unlocking barista-quality coffee experiences at home. This versatile tool helps you achieve the ideal temperature for both perfectly frothed milk and precise pour-over brewing, ensuring consistent and delicious results.


Effortless Temperature Control, Multiple Applications:

The Timemore Milk Jug Thermometer tackles two essential coffee-making tasks. The 130mm stainless steel shaft conveniently clips onto your milk jug (compatible with jugs between 300ml and 1000ml) for precision milk temperature monitoring during frothing. It also acts as a handy in-kettle thermometer for your Timemore Fish Pure Kettle. Simply insert the thermometer into the water while heating to ensure you reach the optimal brewing temperature for your pour-over coffee.

Designed for Optimal Results:

The easy-to-read dial allows you to monitor milk temperature precisely, guiding you towards achieving the desired consistency for lattes, cappuccinos, or any milk-based coffee recipe. The thermometer also features markings specifically for ideal pour-over brewing temperatures, taking the guesswork out of the process.

Simple, Durable, and Convenient:

The Timemore Milk Jug Thermometer is a no-fuss tool built to last. The stainless steel construction ensures durability and easy cleaning. The compact design allows for convenient storage in your barista kit or alongside your coffee machine.

Elevate Your Coffee Ritual:

With the Timemore Milk Jug Thermometer, you can create cafe-worthy coffee drinks at home and brew exceptional pour-over coffee. Perfect milk frothing and precise water temperature are essential for achieving the ideal results in various coffee preparations. This versatile tool empowers you to consistently achieve professional results, elevating your entire coffee ritual.


  • 130mm Stainless Steel Shaft (fits jugs between 300ml and 1000ml)
  • Easy-to-Read Dial
  • Markings for Different Milk Textures (microfoam, larger bubbles) and Pour-Over Brewing Temperatures
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Compact Design