Timemore Black Mirror Mini Espresso Scale: Black

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The Pocket-Sized Precision Partner: Timemore Black Mirror Mini Espresso Scale

The Timemore Black Mirror Mini Espresso Scale isn't just a scale; it's your pocket-sized partner for achieving perfect espresso shots. This compact and feature-rich scale fits seamlessly into your espresso workflow, delivering exceptional accuracy for weight-based dosing, ensuring consistent and delicious results in every cup.

Designed for Espresso Excellence:

The Black Mirror Mini boasts a footprint smaller than most basic scales, making it ideal for espresso machines with limited group space. Despite its size, it packs a powerful punch in terms of functionality. The high-precision weighing system with 0.1-gram readability ensures you can accurately measure your coffee grounds for optimal extraction and barista-quality espresso.

Fast and Responsive for a Seamless Workflow:

The Black Mirror Mini prioritizes speed and responsiveness. The upgraded main chip allows for rapid weight registration, keeping your workflow efficient. The auto-tare function eliminates the need to manually tare your empty portafilter, further streamlining the process.

Hidden Intelligence, Effortless Operation:

The sleek design features a hidden LED display that automatically illuminates when weight is detected. This intuitive design keeps the scale's surface clean and clutter-free while providing clear visibility during dosing. The simple button controls provide easy access to tare, power on/off, and other functionalities.

More Than Just Weight: Flow Rate Tracking:

The Black Mirror Mini goes beyond basic weighing. A dedicated flow rate button allows you to track your espresso extraction in real-time. This valuable feature empowers you to perfect your pouring technique and achieve consistent espresso with optimal flavor development.

Portable Precision for Coffee Adventures:

The Black Mirror Mini's compact size and lightweight construction make it incredibly portable. Take your precision dosing on the go, whether you're dialing in your espresso machine at home or visiting your favorite coffee shop. The included silicone heat pad protects the scale from hot surfaces and further enhances its portability.


  • Compact Design (ideal for espresso machines with limited space)
  • High-Precision Weighing (0.1g readability)
  • Fast and Responsive Operation (upgraded main chip)
  • Hidden LED Display (illuminates automatically)
  • Portable and Lightweight (ideal for travel)
  • Includes Silicone Heat Pad (protects from hot surfaces)