Sculptor Extension Hopper 078/078S

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Colour: Black

Grind More, Worry Less: Timemore Extension Hopper 078/078S

The Timemore Extension Hopper 078/078S isn't just an add-on; it's your key to worry-free, single-dose grinding. This cleverly designed sleeve seamlessly integrates with your Timemore 078 or 078S grinder, effortlessly increasing its bean capacity to streamline your coffee routine.

Uninterrupted Workflow, Increased Efficiency

The Extension Hopper eliminates the need for frequent refilling during your grinding sessions. With its increased capacity, you can grind enough beans for multiple cups at once, optimizing your workflow and saving you valuable time in the morning rush.

Seamless Integration, Flawless Aesthetics

Engineered to perfectly match the design of your Timemore 078 or 078S grinder, the Extension Hopper boasts a clean and minimalist aesthetic. Once attached, it blends seamlessly with the existing hopper, maintaining the grinder's sleek profile and preventing any visual disruption.

Effortless Installation, Easy Maintenance

The Extension Hopper is designed for user-friendliness. Its simple installation process allows you to quickly attach it to your grinder without any tools required. The smooth, polished surface is easy to wipe clean, ensuring your grinder maintains a polished look.

Grind More Beans, Enjoy More Coffee

Whether you're a single-dose enthusiast or simply appreciate the convenience of less frequent refills, the Timemore Extension Hopper 078/078S is the perfect solution. It seamlessly expands your grinder's capacity, allowing you to grind more beans and savor more delicious coffee without interruption.


  • Increased Capacity (streamlines workflow, reduces refills)
  • Seamless Integration (matches grinder design, maintains aesthetics)
  • Effortless Installation (no tools required)
  • Easy Maintenance (simple cleaning)
  • Ideal for Single-Dose Grinding and Convenience