Sculptor 064S Electric Coffee Grinder (Espresso & Filter)

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Colour: Black

Coming to Australia in Late 2023

An impressive 64mm 'vortex knife' burr set. A three-row tooth design refines milling and reduces fines. In partnership with Grindinglabs, we have been developing this burr set for two years.

Patented 'knock' system that ejects grinds from the outlet, reducing retention. Sculptor 064S is designed for pour-over, drip, and French press coarse grinding, where the burr design is optimized to reduce fines.

With Sculptor 064S, you can fine-tune your grind speed to optimize your grind size distribution by adjusting the RPM. A slower RPM is known to reduce fines. For ease of use, there are magnetic grind cups and hopper lid.

36 Grinding Grades for Choice -  By turning the dial with a scale on the front of the fuselage to adjust the grinding degree. The index value indicated by the red short line on the side of the fuselage is the smaller the grinding degree value of the current grinder, the finer the grinding degree, the finer the ground coffee particles, otherwise the grinding degree becomes coarser

Patented "vortex knife" structure cutter head - Grinding labs is a professional coffee grinding system research and development team in China. We have conducted joint research and development for two years to create the 064 cutter head. The cutter head is creatively designed with three layers of teeth - arc teeth, spiral teeth and cone teeth, which can cut coffee beans quickly and in multiple layers and reduce the fine powder caused by the mutual extrusion of particles


Available in

Black or White

Timeless and Classic: Black and white are classic color choices that never go out of style. They can create a timeless, sophisticated look that is both modern and elegant. This is especially important for a kitchen or cafe where you want to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere that will stand the test of time.




Patented Twist-Click

Easily knock out old fines with the fines cleaning knock collar.

Magnetically Aligned Container

Just place it on the base and the container will get aligned automatically to the center smoothly and accurately.

Adjustable RPM

It's available to set different revolutions to give you different grinding styles so you can have more variable operations according to your preferences.

078S - 800-1400 RPM
064/064S - 800-1200 RPM

Magnetic Hopper Lid

Making it lock on safely every time with a simple slide and click!





Scupltor Specifications






Flat Burrs 78mm

Turbo Burrs 64mm

Flat Burrs 64mm





Revolution (RPM)

800-1400 RPM

800-1200 RPM

800-1200 RPM

Net Weight




Dimensions WxHxD (cm)