Timemore WiWo Scale Bundle (Weigh-in / Weigh-out)

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Brew coffee with unparalleled precision and control with the Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale Combo (Black). 

This exceptional kit combines the functionality of the Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale and the Timemore Espresso Mini, empowering you to master the weight-in/weight-out (W/O) method for barista-quality coffee at home.

Why Coffee Enthusiasts Love the Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale Combo:

  • Effortless Weight-In/Weight-Out (Wi/WO) for Perfect Ratios:  Unlock the full potential of your coffee. This combo provides a seamless workflow for the W/O method. Weigh your empty portafilter on the Black Mirror, add your coffee grounds, and tare the scale to zero. Then, brew your espresso and place the portafilter back on the Cube Mini to measure the weight of the extracted espresso. This allows you to precisely calculate your coffee-to-espresso yield ratio, a crucial factor in achieving optimal flavour.
  • Dual-Scale Advantage: Maximum functionality and convenience. With its larger platform and high capacity, the Black Mirror is ideal for weighing your portafilter with coffee grounds. The Black Mirror Mini, featuring a compact design, perfectly fits under your espresso machine's spout to capture the weight of the extracted espresso, eliminating the need to move your portafilter during the brewing process.
  • Exceptional Precision for Consistent Results: Experience coffee the way it was meant to be. Both Timemore scales boast high accuracy (0.1g) and fast response times, ensuring you can precisely measure your coffee grounds and espresso yield, leading to consistent and delicious coffee every time.
  • Smart Features for Enhanced Brewing: Effortless operation and control. The Black Mirror features smart features like a built-in timer and auto-tare function, streamlining your workflow. Both scales offer clear and easy-to-read displays for convenient monitoring of weight measurements.
Sleek and Modern Design: A touch of sophistication for your coffee station. The black finish on both Timemore scales adds a touch of elegance and seamlessly integrates with various coffee setups.