Black Mirror Nano Coffee Scale

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Colour: White

The Black Mirror Nano is the first espresso-focused scale to be released by Timemore in 2021. This sleek and simplistic coffee scale is packed with features. Easily fits between the drip tray and portafilter of all popular coffee machines.

With all the features and comfort of the popular Black Mirror Plus, but with a smaller footprint and standing only 2 cm tall making it is perfect for espresso brewing at home or at a busy coffee bar.

Flow rate? Yes, pressing the flow rate button on the side gives you a real-time reading of the flow rate, a feature previously available only on Black Mirror 2.

Despite the reinforced internals with an aluminum skeleton, the value is still unmatched in this category.

Perfect for Drip Trays

Small enough to sit in between the drip tray
and portafilter of most domestic espresso machines.

Nano Scale