Chestnut X Premium Hand Grinder

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Colour: Safari Green

A grinder unlike any other. It's the best high-end grinder we've ever seen. It's so adjustable that you'll be able to grind with less fines and more flavor. You will be able to extract a great deal of flavor from your beans. In terms of grinders, this is the bees knees, the finest of the finest.

It is the burrs that are the most important part of a grinder and have the greatest impact on the end product. There are already so many excellent hand grinders on the market that if we wish to improve the ritual and the final product, we must focus on the burrs. In order to adjust and fine-tune the parameters, Timemore used 3D modeling. Using the experience of many champion baristas and analysing the grinding state of coffee beans, they developed a solution.

Coffee beans are ground by cutting and squeezing them. We can reduce fines more effectively and cut coffee beans into the desired particle sizes by strengthening the cutting factor and reducing the squeeze factor. A reduction in the fineness of ground coffee also reduces the likelihood of a clogged brew, thereby preventing over extraction and bitterness in the cup.



S2C - Spike to Cut Burrs

The Original 42mm Burrs on the Chestnut X. Since its release, it has received unanimous praise from the coffee industry. It has been reduced in size and fine-tuned by the TIMEMORE design team Significantly improve the overall grinding effect by adjusting these parameters.

Grind Adjustment

Patented Secondary Adjustment

There are 24 macro adjustments on the macro adjustment dial, and five micro adjustments on the smaller dial, resulting in 120 grind settings.