Timemore Air Blower

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Blast Away Residue: The Timemore Grinder Cleaner Air Blower

The Timemore Grinder Cleaner Air Blower is your secret weapon against coffee residue buildup. This compact and practical tool utilizes a powerful air blast to effortlessly remove coffee grounds from even the tightest corners of your grinder.


Effortless Cleaning:

Say goodbye to tedious brush cleaning! The Timemore Grinder Cleaner Air Blower uses a strong burst of air to dislodge coffee grounds and chaff from your grinder's burrs, chamber, and other nooks. This quick and easy cleaning method helps maintain consistent grinding performance and prevents flavor transfer between brews.

Precise Targeting:

The air blower features a flexible and elongated nozzle. This allows you to direct the air blast precisely into hard-to-reach areas of your grinder, ensuring a thorough cleaning every time.

Portable and Convenient:

The Timemore Grinder Cleaner Air Blower's lightweight and compact design makes it a perfect addition to your coffee cleaning kit. Toss it in your bag and take it on the go to easily clean your grinder after use, whether you're at home or traveling.

Simple to Use:

The Timemore Grinder Cleaner Air Blower is incredibly user-friendly. Simply squeeze the ergonomic bellow, and a powerful stream of air will dislodge coffee residue from your grinder. No electricity or batteries required!

Maintain Peak Performance:

Regular cleaning with the Timemore Grinder Cleaner Air Blower helps maintain the performance and longevity of your coffee grinder. By removing coffee residue buildup, you ensure consistent grind size and optimal flavor extraction for a more enjoyable coffee experience.



  • Powerful Air Blast for Effortless Cleaning
  • Flexible and Elongated Nozzle for Precise Targeting
  • Lightweight and Compact Design (perfect for portability)
  • Ergonomic Bellow for Easy Use (no electricity or batteries)
  • Helps Maintain Grinder Performance and Longevity




  • Size - 14.2cm
  • Material - Silicone