Timemore Black Mirror 2 Coffee Dual Sensor Scale: Black

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Achieve Filter Coffee Perfection with Real-Time Insights: The Timemore Black Mirror 2 Coffee Dual Sensor Scale

The Timemore Black Mirror 2 Coffee Dual Sensor Scale isn't just a scale; it's a game-changer for serious filter coffee enthusiasts. This innovative tool transcends the limitations of traditional coffee scales by integrating advanced dual-sensor technology to provide unparalleled precision and real-time brewing data, allowing you to elevate your filter coffee brewing experience like never before.

Unveiling the Perfect Cup, One Weigh at a Time:

The Black Mirror 2 boasts a high-precision load cell sensor for accurate weight measurements of both your coffee grounds and poured water. This meticulous attention to detail ensures you can replicate perfect coffee recipes with ease, unlocking the full potential of your favorite beans. But where the Black Mirror 2 truly shines is in its revolutionary flow rate sensor. This innovative technology tracks the weight of water flowing through your filter in real-time, providing valuable insights into the pouring process and allowing you to fine-tune your technique for a balanced and flavorful cup, every single time.

Visualize and Refine Your Pour-Over Technique:

The Black Mirror 2 goes beyond simple measurement; it empowers you to see and understand your pouring technique. A connected smartphone app offers a real-time flow rate graph, allowing you to identify inconsistencies in your pour, adjust your pouring speed, and optimize your brewing parameters for consistent, cafe-quality filter coffee.

Designed for the Discerning Filter Coffee Brewer:

Timemore understands the importance of both functionality and aesthetics. The Black Mirror 2 features a sleek, minimalist design with a hidden LED display that illuminates only when needed. The smooth, matte surface is easy to clean and fingerprint-resistant, ensuring your scale looks as good as it performs. Plus, the rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 10 hours of use on a single charge, keeping you powered through your brewing sessions.

Brewing Knowledge at Your Fingertips:

The Timemore Black Mirror 2 Coffee Dual Sensor Scale is more than just a tool; it's a gateway to a deeper understanding and appreciation of filter coffee brewing. Whether you're a home brewer seeking to achieve coffee shop-worthy results or a coffee professional refining your pour-over technique, the Black Mirror 2 provides the precision, real-time feedback, and smart connectivity to elevate your coffee ritual to new heights. With this remarkable tool by your side, every cup becomes an opportunity to explore, experiment, and achieve filter coffee perfection.

Dual Sensor Scale

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