Fish PURE Pour Over Kettle 700ml

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Unveiling Brewing Simplicity: The Timemore Fish Pure Pour-Over Kettle 700ml

The Timemore Fish Pure Pour-Over Kettle 700ml isn't just a kettle; it's a celebration of classic design paired with exceptional functionality. This kettle is perfectly suited for pour-over coffee enthusiasts seeking precise control and effortless pouring.

Pure Design, Powerful Performance:

The Fish Pure Kettle boasts a user-friendly design that prioritizes both function and aesthetics. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this kettle is built to last. And, the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip during pouring.

Master the Art of Pour-Over:

The key feature of the Fish Pure Kettle is its unique gooseneck spout. This patented design facilitates a slow and controlled water flow, essential for achieving consistent and flavorful coffee with pour-over brewing methods. The 90-degree angle of the spout allows for precise placement over your filter, maximizing coffee grounds saturation for optimal extraction.

A Timeless Aesthetic for Your Coffee Ritual:

The Fish Pure Kettle embraces a minimalist design philosophy. The clean lines and smooth finish complement any kitchen aesthetic. The kettle is also lightweight and compact, making it easy to handle during pour-over.

The Essential Tool for Pour-Over Purists:

The Timemore Fish Pure Pour-Over Kettle 700ml is more than just a kettle; it's a gateway to mastering the art of pour-over coffee. Whether you're a home barista seeking to perfect your technique or a coffee enthusiast appreciating a simple and effective brewing tool, the Fish Pure Kettle provides the precise pouring control, user-friendly design, and durable build quality to elevate your coffee ritual. With this classic kettle by your side, you can transform every cup into a testament to your brewing passion.

**Not to be used on any heat source



  • Unique 90-Degree Gooseneck Spout: Patented design for controlled water flow and precise pouring.
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction: Built to last for years of reliable use.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Comfortable grip for effortless pouring.
  • Heat-Resistant Knob and Lid: Offers safety and convenience.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Easy to store.


  • Capacity: 700ml
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Spout: Gooseneck design, 90-degree angle
  • Handle: Ergonomic design
  • Base: Wide and flat
  • Lid: Heat-resistant
  • Knob: Heat-resistant
  • Weight: Approximately 700g
  • Please note - this kettle is not made for use on a hob of any kind!