Smart Electric Coffee Kettle

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Colour: Black
Size: 600ML

Precise Pours, Perfect Coffee: The Timemore Fish Smart Electric Gooseneck Kettle

The Timemore Fish Smart Electric Gooseneck Kettle isn't just a kettle; it's a revolution for pour-over coffee enthusiasts seeking unmatched precision and control. This innovative appliance merges advanced features with sleek aesthetics, elevating your coffee brewing experience like never before.

Effortless Control, Exceptional Results:

The Fish Smart Kettle boasts a unique 90-degree gooseneck spout. This patented design ensures a continuous flow of water, allowing you to control the pour with incredible detail. Whether you're aiming for a slow and steady pour for a balanced extraction or a faster pour for specific brewing techniques, the Fish Smart Kettle empowers you to achieve consistent and flavorful coffee every single time.

Smart Brewing at Your Fingertips:

Beyond its exceptional design, the Fish Smart Kettle integrates smart functionality. A touchscreen interface allows you to set your ideal water temperature with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring optimal extraction for your chosen coffee beans and brewing method. The kettle also features a real-time temperature display, providing valuable feedback during the heating process.

Rapid Heating, Efficient Brewing:

The Fish Smart Kettle prioritizes both speed and efficiency. Equipped with high-speed technology, it boils water in just three minutes, minimizing your wait time for that perfect cup. This rapid heating capability makes it ideal for busy mornings or when brewing coffee for a group.

A Touch of Modern Elegance:

Timemore understands the importance of aesthetics alongside functionality. The Fish Smart Kettle features a minimalist design with a smooth, matte finish. The hidden LED touchscreen illuminates only when needed, adding a touch of modern sophistication to your countertop. The kettle is also available in a variety of colors, allowing you to personalize your brewing setup.

The Essential Tool for Coffee Connoisseurs:

The Timemore Fish Smart Electric Gooseneck Kettle is more than just an appliance; it's a gateway to a deeper understanding and appreciation of pour-over coffee. Whether you're a home barista seeking cafe-quality results or a coffee professional refining your technique, the Fish Smart Kettle provides the precision control, smart features, and rapid heating to elevate your coffee ritual to new heights. With this remarkable kettle by your side, you can unlock the full potential of every bean and transform every cup into a masterpiece of brewing artistry.


  • Unique 90-Degree Gooseneck Spout: Patented design for continuous water flow and exceptional pouring control.
  • Touchscreen Interface: Set and monitor water temperature with pinpoint accuracy for optimal brewing.
  • Real-Time Temperature Display: Provides valuable feedback during the heating process.
  • High-Speed Technology: Boils water in just 3 minutes for efficient brewing.
  • Sleek, Minimalist Design: Smooth, matte finish with a hidden LED touchscreen for modern aesthetics. Available in a variety of colors for personalization.

Please be aware that as we are the Exclusive Australian Importer, these are Australian-delivered and certified Timemore Kettles.

We have been notified of imitation and non-certified units being sold by some small operators. To verify the Australian Certification you can check for the certification symbol on the base of the unit.