Timemore Ice Dripper Paper Filters: 100pcs

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The Perfect Partner for Chilling Brews: Timemore Ice Dripper Paper Filters

Timemore Ice Dripper Paper Filters aren't just any filters; they're the ideal companions for your cold brew journey. Designed specifically for the Timemore Ice Dripper (and compatible with many other similar cold drippers), these filters ensure a clean and efficient cold brewing experience, resulting in smooth, flavorful iced coffee.

Uncompromising Quality for Pure Cold Brew:

Timemore Ice Dripper Paper Filters are meticulously crafted from high-quality paper pulp. They boast exceptional thickness and consistency, preventing tearing and ensuring a mess-free brewing process. Additionally, the paper is taste-neutral, so it won't impart any unwanted flavors to your cold brew, allowing the true essence of your coffee beans to shine through.

Optimal Extraction for Smooth Results:

These filters are designed with the specific needs of cold brew in mind. Their shape and size guarantee even saturation of your coffee grounds, maximizing flavor extraction while minimizing bitterness. This translates to a smooth, well-balanced cold brew concentrate, ready to be diluted and enjoyed over ice.

Effortless Brewing Convenience:

Timemore Ice Dripper Paper Filters come pre-folded for easy use. Simply place a filter in your dripper, add your desired amount of coarse coffee grounds, and slowly pour cold water over the grounds. The filter will do the rest, separating the extracted coffee from the grounds for a clean and efficient brewing process.

Universally Compatible (almost):

While designed specifically for the Timemore Ice Dripper, these filters boast a universal size that fits many other popular cold drippers. Double-check the dimensions of your dripper to ensure compatibility before purchasing.

Elevating Your Cold Brew Experience:

Timemore Ice Dripper Paper Filters are the essential final touch to your cold brew process. By ensuring optimal extraction, preventing unwanted flavors, and offering a convenient brewing experience, they help you achieve consistently smooth and delicious cold brew coffee.


  • Thick and Consistent Paper Construction (prevents tearing)
  • Taste-Neutral Paper Pulp (pure coffee flavor)
  • Ensures Even Coffee Grounds Saturation (maximizes extraction)