Timemore Chuiwen Server Set

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The Art of Presentation: Timemore Chuiwen Server Set

The Timemore Chuiwen Server Set isn't just a carafe and glasses; it's an invitation to elevate your coffee experience. This beautifully crafted set combines functionality with minimalist design, allowing you to enjoy your coffee in style and appreciate the subtle nuances of every brew.


Highlighting the Beauty of Your Brews

Inspired by the traditional Chui Mu Wen style of hammered copperware, the Timemore Chuiwen server and glasses feature a unique textured design. This design element not only adds a touch of sophistication but also helps to refract and highlight the rich colors of your freshly brewed coffee.

Effortless Pouring, Flawless Design

The server boasts a clear glass construction with a thoughtfully designed spout. This spout allows for smooth, controlled pouring, minimizing spills and ensuring a mess-free coffee ritual. The handle, crafted from a wood-like plastic, provides a comfortable grip and complements the overall aesthetic of the set.

Heat Resistance and Versatility

The high-quality, heat-resistant glass construction of the server ensures it can withstand the heat of freshly brewed coffee without cracking or warping. This versatility allows you to use the server for a variety of hot beverages, from tea to hot chocolate.

Ideal Capacity for Solo or Shared Enjoyment

The server features a 400ml (approximately 13.5oz) capacity, making it ideal for brewing a single serving or sharing a pot with a friend. The two included glasses boast a 70ml (approximately 2.35oz) capacity, perfect for enjoying your coffee in moderate portions.

A Touch of Elegance for Everyday Coffee Rituals

The Timemore Chuiwen Server Set elevates your daily coffee experience. The combination of functionality, minimalist design, and the unique textured glass makes it a pleasure to use and a stylish addition to any coffee table or kitchen counter.


  • Textured Glass Design (inspired by Chui Mu Wen, highlights coffee color)
  • Clear Glass Server with Precise Spout (effortless pouring)
  • Wood-Like Plastic Handle (comfortable grip, aesthetic match)
  • Heat-Resistant Glass Construction (suitable for hot beverages)
  • 400ml Server Capacity (ideal for single or shared servings)
  • 70ml Glass Capacity (perfect for moderate coffee portions)