Timemore S2C880 Burrs For X LITE

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Upgrade Your Grind: Timemore S2C880 Conical Burrs

Timemore S2C880 Conical Burrs aren't just replacements; they're an upgrade for your coffee ritual. Designed for compatible Timemore X LITE, these premium burrs elevate your grinding experience with exceptional performance and extended lifespan.


Experience the Difference: Precision and Control:

The S2C880 Conical Burrs boast precision-machined stainless steel construction. These burrs deliver unmatched sharpness and uniformity in your grinds, ensuring optimal flavor extraction for a richer and more nuanced cup of coffee. With increased control over grind size, you can unlock the full potential of your favorite beans, whether you prefer a coarse French Press grind or a fine espresso grind.

Built to Last, Engineered to Impress:

Timemore S2C880 Conical Burrs are crafted with longevity in mind. The high-grade stainless steel, guarantees long-lasting performance. The detachable design allows for effortless cleaning, maintaining your grinder in top condition for countless cups to come.

Invest in Coffee Excellence:

Replacing your burrs with S2C880s is an investment in consistently exceptional coffee. Experience the difference of precision grinding and rediscover the joy of brewing coffee to its full potential. These premium burrs elevate your daily coffee ritual, ensuring every cup is a celebration of flavor.


  • Precision-Machined Stainless Steel Construction (exceptional sharpness, uniform grinds)
  • Maximizes Flavor Extraction (richer, more nuanced coffee)
  • High-Grade Stainless Steel (durable, long-lasting)
  • Compatible with the Timemore X LITE




Suits X LITE

Stainless steel burr is precision CNC cutting molding, sharp burr can cut beans fast and evenly, easy to grind. Almost all professional grinders all in CNC stainless steel burrs.

The S2C880 burr is derived from the S2C860 on the original Chestnut X model. After the Chestnut X model was launched, it won unanimous praise in the industry.

Based on the original burr, the design team reduced the size and fine-tuned the parameters, and the overall grinding effect was significantly improved.