Timemore Nano Travel Pour Over Set: Black

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The All-in-One Coffee Companion: Timemore Nano Travel Pour Over Set

The Timemore Nano Travel Pour Over Set isn't just a brewing kit; it's your passport to delicious coffee adventures wherever you roam. This ultra-portable and user-friendly set allows you to enjoy freshly brewed coffee, crafted to your preference, at home, at the office, or during your travels.


Freshly Ground, Perfectly Brewed:

The Nano Travel Pour Over Set equips you with everything you need to grind and brew exceptional coffee. The high-quality Timemore Nano hand grinder features consistent grinding thanks to its stainless steel burrs, unlocking the full flavor potential of your coffee beans.

Effortless Grinding, Precise Control:

The ergonomic handle of the Nano grinder folds for compact storage, while unfolding to provide a comfortable grip during grinding. The smooth-operating crank allows for effortless grinding with minimal noise. The adjustable grind setting mechanism offers precise control, ensuring you achieve the ideal coarseness for your preferred brewing method.

Brew Like a Pro, Anywhere:

The set includes a small, heat-resistant plastic dripper compatible with standard pour-over filters. The included kettle features a gooseneck spout for precise pouring control, allowing you to saturate your coffee grounds for an even extraction and a flavorful cup.

Convenient and Compact:

The entire set packs neatly into a premium neoprene carrying case, making it ideal for travel or storage. Everything you need for a delicious cup of coffee is readily available, whether you're enjoying a quiet morning at home or exploring a new city.

The Perfect Companion for Coffee Enthusiasts on the Move:

The Timemore Nano Travel Pour Over Set is a must-have for any coffee lover who values freshness, portability, and convenience. This all-in-one kit empowers you to consistently brew exceptional coffee, regardless of location.



  • Timemore Nano Hand Grinder (consistent grinds, stainless steel burrs)
  • Small, Heat-Resistant Plastic Dripper (compatible with standard pour-over filters)
  • Gooseneck Spout Kettle (precise pouring control)
  • Premium Neoprene Carrying Case (compact storage)