Timemore Magic Cube Portafilter Stand

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Stable Support and Weighing Platform: The Timemore Magic Cube Portafilter Stand

The Timemore Magic Cube Portafilter Stand isn't just a holder; it's a multi-functional workstation for your espresso-making workflow. This compact and versatile stand provides a stable platform to tamp or weigh your portafilter with ease, enhancing your espresso-making process from start to finish.

Precision Meets Stability and Weighing:

The flat base of the stand is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Timemore Black Mirror coffee scale, creating a unified weighing platform. This ensures you to accurately measure the weight of your coffee grounds before tamping.

Small Footprint, Big Impact:

Despite its compact size, the Timemore Magic Cube Portafilter Stand maximizes functionality. It easily fits on most countertops, including those with limited space. 

Elevates Your Coffee Ritual:

The Timemore Magic Cube Portafilter Stand elevates your espresso-making experience. By providing a stable and secure platform for both tamping and weighing, it allows you to focus on perfecting your technique and achieving consistent results. The simple yet elegant design complements any espresso machine setup.



  • Made from 304 stainless steel and silicon for stability
  • The top and bottom are detachable for easier cleaning
  • Just place the portafilter in the silicon groove
  • The base is skidproof for stable tamping
  • Detachable design for Easier Cleaning
  • Dimensions: 152mm x 130mm x 26mm