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Crafting Cool Brews with Elegance: The Timemore Ice Dripper

The Timemore Ice Dripper isn't just a cold brew maker; it's a stylish and convenient solution for brewing delicious cold coffee at home. This user-friendly dripper system allows you to create smooth and refreshing cold brew coffee within a few short hours, perfect for those who appreciate iced coffee but crave simplicity and aesthetic appeal.


Effortless Cold Drip, Exceptional Results:

The Timemore Ice Dripper boasts a minimalist design with a focus on functionality. The upper chamber holds ice cubes, slowly melting and dripping cold water through your coffee grounds in the lower chamber. This slow and controlled extraction process unlocks the subtle flavors of your coffee beans, resulting in a smooth and refreshing cold brew free of bitterness.

Simple Setup, Delicious Results:

The Timemore Ice Dripper prioritizes ease of use. Add coarse ground coffee to the reusable filter, place it in the upper chamber, and fill the top chamber with ice. The dripper will then handle the rest, automatically filtering the cold brew concentrate into the glass carafe below. With minimal effort, you can enjoy flavorful cold coffee within 2-4 hours.

Elegant Design, Modern Functionality:

The Timemore Ice Dripper goes beyond functionality; it incorporates a stylish design that complements any kitchen aesthetic. The transparent glass carafe allows you to monitor the brewing process and showcase the final product. The durable construction, with a combination of glass and BPA-free plastic, ensures long-lasting use and easy cleaning**.

The Perfect Companion for Summer Coffee Lovers:

The Timemore Ice Dripper is more than just a brewing tool; it's a convenient essential for anyone who enjoys refreshing cold coffee. This user-friendly dripper simplifies the cold brew process, delivering delicious results without complicated setups. With its stylish design and convenient features, the Timemore Ice Dripper allows you to elevate your cold coffee ritual and enjoy flavorful iced coffee throughout the summer months.


  • Slow Drip Design: Unlocks subtle flavors for a smooth and refreshing cold brew.
  • Reusable Filter: Eliminates the need for paper filters and promotes eco-friendly brewing.
  • Transparent Glass Carafe with Markings: Monitor brewing process and showcase the final product (2 = 200ml, 3= 300ml and 4 = 400ml)
  • Durable Construction: Glass and BPA-free plastic for long-lasting use and easy cleaning.
  • Simple Setup: Easy to use and requires minimal effort.
  • Fast Brewing: Enjoy delicious cold brew coffee within 2-4 hours.



  • Material: Glass, BPA-free plastic
  • Capacity: Carafe - Approximately 400ml (depending on ice volume)
  • Includes: Ice Dripper, Glass Carafe, Reusable Filter



You'll need Ground coffee, ice cubes, and cold water. Approx 30g coffee 360ml water

Add coffee into the coffee container; ground as coarse as sea salt If you've too many fines they'll block the mesh filter.

Pour enough water on the grounds to ensure they're all saturated, this keeps the grounds flat.

Place the filter paper on the top of the ground coffee, this ensures even distribution of water and that all the coffee gets used in the process, otherwise you'll have a hole in the grounds and inconsistent coffee taste as not all the grounds are used.

The coffee container should sit nicely in the upper container.

Next, take the dripper and turn off the valve to stop the water flow.

Place the upper container on the lower glass container

Add ice to the first mark on the upper container

Next, take the cold water and pour in until nearly at the line marked with 4 on the server.

Ensure the valve is on the slowest drip. O = stop dripping 1-4 slow to fast dripping. About 7 drops in 10 seconds.

Put the lid on and let it do its work. Takes about 2-4 hours.