Crystal Eye PC Brewer Set

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Size: 1-Cup
Colour: Transparent

Brewing Convenience Meets Clarity: The Timemore Crystal Eye Brewer Set

The Timemore Crystal Eye Brewer Set elevates your coffee experience in the comfort of your home, office, or even a cafe. This affordable set combines the functionality of the plastic Crystal Eye Coffee Dripper with a contrasting glass carafe, providing everything you need to brew flavorful pour-over coffee. With its user-friendly design and partially transparent dripper, the Crystal Eye Brewer Set allows you to explore the world of pour-over and brew cafe-quality coffee without breaking the bank.


Ideal for Home Brewing and Entertaining:

The Crystal Eye Brewer Set prioritizes convenience and visual appeal for everyday use. The included Crystal Eye Coffee Dripper, crafted from high-quality, BPA-free plastic, boasts a unique three-zone design for optimal extraction and flavorful coffee. The contrasting glass carafe allows you to clearly monitor the brewing process and showcase your freshly brewed coffee. This all-in-one set makes pour-over brewing simple and enjoyable for coffee enthusiasts of all experience levels.

Brew with Clarity, Enjoy with Confidence:

The Crystal Eye Brewer Set offers a blend of functionality and aesthetics. While the plastic dripper doesn't provide complete transparency, it still allows you to partially monitor water flow and coffee saturation during the brewing process. This visual feedback helps you refine your pour-over technique and achieve consistent results with every cup. The glass carafe, on the other hand, offers complete clarity, allowing you to admire the color and level of your freshly brewed coffee.

Focuses on Functionality and Style:

The Crystal Eye Brewer Set offers some portability thanks to the lightweight and shatter-resistant plastic dripper. This set is ideal for elevating your coffee ritual at home, the office, or even a cafe setting, allowing you to enjoy the aesthetics and convenience of pour-over brewing.

The Ideal Starter Kit for Home Brewers:

The Timemore Crystal Eye Brewer Set is the perfect companion for coffee lovers who want to unleash the potential of their favorite beans in the comfort of their own space. This all-inclusive set provides everything you need to get started, including a dripper, carafe, and the ability to experiment with different brewing techniques. With its user-friendly design, combination of materials, and affordable price point, the Crystal Eye Brewer Set allows you to experience the rewarding world of pour-over coffee!



  • Includes: Crystal Eye Coffee Dripper (Plastic), Glass Carafe
  • Crystal Eye Coffee Dripper: Unique three-zone design for optimal extraction.
  • Partially Transparent Dripper: Monitor water flow and coffee saturation to an extent.
  • Glass Carafe: Clear for monitoring brewing process and showcasing coffee.
  • Lightweight and Shatter-Resistant Plastic Dripper: Ideal for stationary use.
  • BPA-Free Plastic: Safe for use.



  • Material: Dripper - BPA-Free Plastic, Carafe - Glass
  • Filter Compatibility: Paper filters (similar to Hario V60 filters)
  • Capacity: Carafe - Approximately 400ml (depending on brewing method and desired strength)
  • Dripper Capacity: Approximately 1-4 cups (depending on brewing method and desired strength)