Crystal Eye Coffee Dripper

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Size: 1-Cup
Colour: Clear

Unveiling Coffee Clarity: The Timemore Crystal Eye Coffee Dripper

The Timemore Crystal Eye Coffee Dripper isn't just a brewing vessel; it's a gateway to exploring the world of pour-over coffee at an affordable price point. This innovative dripper, crafted from high-quality, BPA-free plastic, boasts a unique design that prioritizes control, precision, and visual appeal. With the Crystal Eye Coffee Dripper, coffee enthusiasts can witness the brewing process to a certain extent, perfecting the art of pour-over and unlocking the potential of their favorite beans.


Clear Brewing, Value-Focused Performance:

The Crystal Eye Coffee Dripper features a distinctive three-zone design. The smooth upper section ensures a secure filter fit, preventing water from escaping along the dripper walls. The mid-section features vertical ribs, channeling water flow and preventing grounds from sticking to the dripper. Finally, the lower section boasts a wider base with spiral ribs, promoting even distribution and optimal extraction for a flavorful and balanced cup. While not entirely clear like the glass version, the transparent plastic construction allows you to partially monitor water flow and coffee saturation, aiding you in perfecting your technique with every brew.

Master the Art, Enjoy Delicious Coffee:

The Timemore Crystal Eye Coffee Dripper empowers you with brewing control. The compatible paper filters (similar to Hario V60 filters) are widely available, making filter replacement convenient. The dripper's stable base keeps it secure during pouring, while the partially transparent design allows you to fine-tune your pouring technique based on visual cues. With practice, you can transform every cup into a testament to your pour-over skills.

Affordability Meets Functionality:

The Timemore Crystal Eye Coffee Dripper is a budget-friendly option, compared to the glass version, for coffee enthusiasts who want to explore pour-over brewing. The lightweight and shatter-resistant plastic construction makes it ideal for travel or areas where breakage is a concern. While not as visually striking as the glass version, it remains a stylish addition to your coffee station. The durable BPA-free plastic ensures safe use and reliable performance, cup after cup.

The Perfect Introduction to Pour-Over:

The Timemore Crystal Eye Coffee Dripper is the ideal companion for coffee lovers who are new to the world of pour-over. This versatile dripper allows you to experiment with different brewing variables and discover the unique flavors hidden within your coffee beans. With the Crystal Eye by your side, you can begin your pour-over journey and experience delicious coffee at an accessible price point.



  • Unique Three-Zone Design: Smooth top for filter placement, vertical ribs for water flow, spiral ribs for even distribution.
  • Partially Transparent Plastic Construction: Monitor water flow and coffee saturation to an extent.
  • Compatible with Paper Filters (similar to Hario V60 filters): Easy to find and use.
  • Stable Base: Ensures secure placement during pouring.
  • Lightweight and Shatter-Resistant Plastic: Ideal for travel or areas prone to breakage.
  • BPA-Free Plastic: Safe for use.



  • Material: BPA-Free Plastic
  • Filter Compatibility: Paper filters (similar to Hario V60 filters)
  • Capacity: Approximately 1-4 cups (depending on brewing method